It’s Raining!


Posted by admin | Posted in Mental, Spiritual | Posted on 25-09-2009


I live in Denver, Colorado.  Outside of this year—it’s been a freaky year—Denver averages over 300 days of sunshine each year.  We have so many fantastically beautiful days in Denver, that they become average and mundane.  Unnoticed.  Beautiful is just average, and average is just…average.  You know…bleh.

Suddenly, so random morning, it will be raining.  Not just a typical summer afternoon thunderstorm, but a pervasive all-day—perhaps even multi-day—rain that soaks through everything.  Such days are rare, but they do happen.

A much too common reaction to such rainy days is to swear up and down of just how downright crappy and gloomy these rainy days are.  They are.

However, if it wasn’t for the stark contrast such rainy days provide when juxtaposed with the “average” beautiful sunny days that typically prevail, we could easily forget how truly fortunate we are to live in a place where beautiful is so common.  The rain seldom lasts.  Soon enough—even though sometimes it may seem like an eternity—the sunny and cloudless mornings return, and memories of the gloom quickly fade.

I have a fantastic life.  I wake up each morning.  (That act by itself is already positive.)  I wake up, in my bed, with my dogs, in my house, with a job to go to.  I have friends, colleagues, a family that loves me.  I truly have a fantastic life.

A typical Colorado morning, with Quandary Peak in the background.  No clouds!
A typical Colorado morning, with Quandary Peak in the background. No clouds!

Even as fantastic as my life is, there are some days…  Do you ever have those days that feel like everything is collapsing?  Those days that you feel like you’re in a bog, surrounded by quicksand, and it isn’t even noon yet?  We all have such days.

During such days—the “rainy” days—it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  It is easy to think that a major change in one’s life is needed to get through them.  Sometime a change is needed; on rare occasions, the rain is a prelude to a major cataclysmic event, like a hurricane.  Most of the time, however, it’s just rain, and all that is really needed is to wait it out.  Soon enough, the prevalent “sunny” mornings will return, and so will the “fantasticness” of life.

Obviously, we don’t all live in Denver.  We all choose the locales—cities, towns, villages, et al—we live in for our own reasons.  (I recently heard someone staunchly defend living in Minneapolis…perspectives…)  Every locale is beautiful to someone in its own way.  (If you don’t feel like you live in a beautiful location, consider relocating.)  I happen to relate best to Denver.

Regardless of where we choose to live, life is beautiful—even if it sometimes doesn’t seem so.  We all have rainy days.

Instead of focusing on how depressingly gloomy rainy days can be, how about realizing that it is the rainy days that remind us of how beautiful sunny days are.  We NEED rainy days.  We NEED rainy days, or run the risk of forgetting just how beautiful our life is.

  • Leann

    Is it “raining” there right now?

  • admin

    Leann, I just don’t think I’m reaching you… :)

  • Leann

    Yes, you are. I’m being superficial on purpose. I get it.