Absurdities and humor


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 05-02-2010

In a relatively recent conversation, I was told that “contrary to popular belief, achieving true spirituality is not to remove oneself from the world, but is instead to become part of it.”  Such a resonating epiphany has triggered several thoughts, and once I work them all out and develop a perspective that I feel I can share, I will post it.  (Hopefully, I can intersect my perspective with yours, and better zero in on the subject.)

One of the thoughts on the subject I’m willing to share is how good-natured humor is a key aspect of spirituality.

Life is full of absurdity.  You know it is.  Being able to deal with such absurdities in a positive manner is essential to a joyous life.  (More on this soon!)

Although intellectually I understand the need for military action, I also believe that protracted war is the pinnacle of absurdity.  However, it is not incongruous to be anti-war and yet fully support the brave men and women sent to them.  Since our national leadership has deemed it necessary to deploy our troops—exceptional spirits who have volunteered to protect us, even at the highest possible personal cost to them—it is also their responsibility to bring them home as soon as possible.  (There is no implicit political affiliation with supporting our troops.)

As a tribute to our brave men and women, I want to share with you some photos I recently received via email that depict the good-natured humor that our troops display while dealing with the absurdities of war.

Support our troops by thanking them when you get a chance.

Disclaimer:  These are not my pictures.  I am assuming that since I received them in a mass-distribution email that they are now in the public domain.  I will gladly remove any or all of them if my posting them causes any issue.