Who’s Rich?


Who’s Rich?  Why is he writing all this?  Well, Rich is Rich.

I am no more or no less qualified than you.

In October of 2007—quite by accident—I finally realized that I have no more monopoly on truth than anybody else.  What happened in 2007?  Shortly after starting a martial arts program—Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu—I was “introduced” to Tendai-Mikkyo, an esoteric Japanese branch of Buddhism.  Having been raised Catholic, I was highly skeptical of this “weird s**t,” or any other religion for that matter, but I made a personal commitment to study for a minimum of three weeks.  (I fully intended to drop this “s**t” after the three weeks were up.)

Five days into my commitment, I was sitting at a Starbucks patio—as I regularly do—when my friend Tracey came up to me and said “Your anger is gone.”  I stared at her as a myriad of thoughts criss-crossed my head.  Well, yes it is.  I didn’t even realize I was angry.  Why am I feeling so good?  Today is no different than any other day.  What the hell was I so angry at? Looking back at that special October day, I now realized that after 39 years of trekking on the paths of others, I finally stumbled on my path, and what a beautiful journey it has been!

Why am I writing all of this down in such a public forum?  While on my path, I have made some fantastic discoveries not only about myself, but of interacting with the “universe” as well.  I am not trying to share my discoveries as the end-all be-all answers to everything—they may or may not be the answers you need—but instead I’m trying to offer my thoughts, analogies, and even opinions, in an effort to help others on their path, or even find their path.